How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Deep State

Before the last election, and for a lot longer really, I became aware of the Deep State, an institution, in the aggregate, personified as a living person, someone to watch over me, as the song says. George Orwell was a twentieth century writer with a nineteenth century outlook, when issues of privacy and public opinion were interlinked. I am glad, however, in this instance that the Deep State has Donald Trump’s back. Any efforts on his part to erode the social infrastructure which we depend upon would put us in a terrible fix.

Admittedly I don’t like our turn-key foreign policy in places like Syria, or doctors who prescribe Opioids, or central bankers of any stripe. I would hope the president would know the difference between good Deep State operatives; firemen, policemen, teachers and the myriad of volunteers who make our life’s a bit better, and those who careen across the flower field like rogue killer bees, with multiple stingers, ignoring the flowers of a flourishing economy, and aiming at non-productive investments.

Distrust of the Deep State is now firmly entrenched and permeates everyday life. Those who hate the Deep State are often those who would refuse a basket of fresh picked Zucchini from a neighbors garden, (go ahead and knock on the door at Trump Tower and see what happens when you present them with squash.) The president in his role as avenging angel is the modern version of General Ripper, in the Strangelove movie, and this time he has turned the bombers on Washington D.C. The outcome oddly enough, is that Congress has never been more popular than it is now, defending itself. We have temporarily forgotten that the Russians are modern day enemies of Western culture; freedom and capitalism. If their aim was to disrupt the system, and gain influence, they might be celebrating the conflict within the U.S. Congress, where the children have taken over the classroom.

Even while things appear to be regressing, the system corrects itself. When the president proposes to repeal Healthcare, the Senate passes their version, and it falls to the House to sign off on the measure. It’s not High School civics any longer, but the Deep State will see to it that the light is on in the people’s house. There will be no recess appointments. A party at war with itself is a party united. if only the Democrats could get one headline while demonstrating absolute unity.

In taking issue against the Deep State the president has reduced his own power significantly with grass roots members, who conflate his tirades against a lack of government accountability with personal attacks against them. He has scarcely been able to help main stream America make that distinction, what should be done through policy, and what should be handled on twitter.

I wonder, to return to the Doomsday device, how his possession of the nuclear football works? Does he hold it close to him at all times? Is there a second who carries it for him? Does the second have any purpose other than to hand the football to the president when he asks? Is the transfer as seamless as accessing a secure website? The conversation to follow might go like this, “I’ve decided to bomb North Korea. Hand me the device.” The second to the president, then responds, “That would be fine sir, but first. What was the name of your first pet?”




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