How to Fix Healthcare

This is admittedly short and missing key details. Why not lower the Medicare age to 55? This solves the problem for insurance companies who have trouble finding young healthy people to pay their premiums which the insurance company spends on older and sicker folks. Since Healthcare legislation is not what it says it is, it has nothing to do with your health, it has to do with your money.  It’s an insurance problem, and missing from all this is the sad fact that by the time most folks get to their first medicare physical they already have chronic problems and conditions which should have been addressed ten years earlier.

By lowering the minimum age they could allow new healthcare recipients a chance to pay forward from their SSN account. At the same time they could raise the SSN retirement age, which is something the actuarial tables suggest is justified. People live longer and with Medicare at 55 they will live even longer.  If you are disabled, on SSI, which is a pre-existing condition, you transfer automatically.

There is a myth out there that Medicaid is free. Medicaid is again, not a healthcare program, it is an asset confiscation program. They pay your grossly inflated hospital bills, and then collect your assets. Yes doctors love the indigent, they can order every test and the insurance company will never reprimand them for not making an attempt at honest price discovery, (getting three independent estimates).

Medicare is not perfect, because an elderly person who needs medical equipment can get a voucher, the market in used wheelchairs and walkers and hospital beds is non-existent. I know I have a garage full of these things. Medicare provides some nursing care but after that runs out you are thrown into the Medicaid charade, the fact that the GOP wants to repeal Medicaid to me only says one thing, they are dangling the repeal out there like bait in order to gather campaign contributions for the midterm elections. I expect those cuts to mysteriously be rescinded, Medicaid is not a free ride.  It is a subsidy for insurance companies who take premiums from healthy people and then hand them off when they get really sick and cannot afford the payments.

The real irony is that most of us spend more healthcare funds on dental work after age 55, and the state of dental insurance is a real mockery of the insurance business model. Most policies limit you to around twice what you have paid in the way of premiums annually with limits on what you can use this year, and what might have to wait.

If you have ignored your teeth until age 55 you should probably have them all pulled. It’s far more important, but Medicare at 55, would be a good thing.


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