2018 A Year in Purview

The year 2018 has already written itself, all other prognostications are idle gestures. It’s a year when broken things have to be fixed. On the ledger side where we list things that already work which might get broken there isn’t much really. An EMP might prove destructive, a man-made event is possible, if the leader of North Korea is really a man and not a software hologram. He could do that, the button is on his desk, while Potus has his in a bag he has to chase after a young marine to obtain the codes to submit to the Chiefs of Staff and the White House psychologist, who is Oprah I think?

Kim One, The Donald Nothing.

Not all geniuses are stable, maybe very few of them, so we are incredulous.  In America we find that replacing things that are broken is often easier than fixing them. I like Snow of Maine, she manages to express her disgust with the system in a constructive manner. She’s my pick to head the office.

Money has been shattered, and while we scramble to pick up the pieces it looks like there is a lot more than there is. Be careful, something about dimes in front of a bulldozer?

It might be the year we head back to the 13 colonies. More shattering, but really the states were blowing up faster than a Hollywood film, long before this. Blame it on the Ganja weed. One thing we can agree on, pot is okay, as long as it’s done behind closed doors. Weed just wants to be free, to drink in the sunshine, grow strong and tall. Free your weed, the movement to open space weed will be a rallying call. People will smash their expensive grow lights and hydroponic systems in front of city hall. The colonists had their Whiskey and their Whiskey tax. Don’t tax my dope.

Universal Healthcare has been shattered and lies in pieces. No inkling of how it will be fixed.  For years my job was killing me, now people are being freed from their labors they might live a good while longer. So eat healthy, think good thoughts, and if you see something that is broken fix it.

Ronnie Reagan said “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it..” He set about trying to fix a lot of things in the end we remember him for breaking down the Berlin Wall. Now some want a wall built with Mexico. What does it take to keep the “tired, huddle masses” out? The Atlantic ocean was no impediment to that generation which crossed under the watchful eye of the Statue of Liberty. You appreciate something more when you work for it. 

The spiritual state of Americans is also broken, why are churches shooting galleries? Religion in America is broken, what happened to the Evangelicals? The rapture? The end of days? When the Iraq war began that great sky pilot Billy Graham led a prayer from the White House. Ah you say, the faithful are still with us, it’s you who no longer feel the grace of god, which is I suppose my point. And you the reader?

To that the enmity between man and woman, or Harvey Weinstein. Darling I can make you a star. The casting couch seduction is a cliche’ retrieved by an archetype. It was said that Johnny Carson did quite a lot for the late night sex life of Americans in the 1970’s, that’s all gone as well. So we retrieve an endless stream of cliches and recall them from the past in a glory that the common cliche never deserved in the first place. 

And after the properly orchestrated stock market correction, [choreographed by the Federal Reserve to tamp down the animal spirits] much to their chagrin the orchestra will play “The Entrance of the Sound Money Gods into Valhalla”, and without leverage (or the consent of Congress) the shattered pieces of the global economy will be scattered to the four winds. Probably. Next week that rogue asteroid headed toward Earth is really made of gold, and we will all get rich.      









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